• Dinosaur Scooter with Light-Up Wheels

We couldn't resist this scooter - it's really cool and has a lovely covering of Dinosaurs on the stem, the footplate and on the ends of the handles

It folds up really easily (great for carrying home from school, sticking in the boot or storage) …. has a foot brake but probably best of all are the flashing wheels! As you scoot along the wheels light up with green, red and blue lights

It's very easy to adjust the height of the handle bars … there is a push in popper adjustment

There are soooo many great features … 

  • Easy Folding
  • Colour printed anti slip footplate
  • Reactive rear brake (you just step on it)
  • Steel Frame
  • Foam Handles
  • Lots of Dinosaurs 

The recommended age for 2 wheel scooters is 5+ years and of course you should always use all the safety stuff … helmet, knee and elbow pads and cycle gloves - because everyone falls off (even Chris Froome) and it hurts!

At some point in their life EVERYONE has a scooter … just don't let your dinosaur fan have to wait until they get a 'Pensioner Scooter' - get this one it's GREAT!

Age 5+ 

Weight limit 50kg (7 stone 12lb if you were wondering!)

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Dinosaur Scooter with Light-Up Wheels

  • £24.99