Dinosaur Crazy Golf Set - You have GOT to have one of these great Dinosaur Mini Golf Sets for your garden ... or picnics ... or the park ... or at your Birthday party!

They do say it is suitable for indoor use too and it would probably be great fun too ... but really ... unless you live in a mansion ... do you REALLY want your kid whacking at a ball with a golf club (plastic or not!) INSIDE your house???

You get four different style crazy golf holes, there's a plain one, a curly one, a bridge style and the No4 hole is like a finishing post

Then there are 5 different dinosaur shaped hoops (like in croquet) which you can space out between the holes to add obstacles OR you can use them on their own as a different croquet/golf type game

There are two plastic golf clubs and 2 plastic golf balls too

If you start training your little one early maybe one day (you must have noticed that Golf Stars are getting younger and younger) they'll win a big tournament and you can all retire somewhere sunny and warm!

Age 3+

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Dinosaur Crazy Golf Set - Indoor & Outdoor

  • £8.99