• Dunno-wat-to-call-em-osaur - Wooden

Well ... these have been around for DONKEY'S years but we don't have a CLUE what they are called - and nor does anyone else we know! The suppliers call them 'push-button' toys and 'push puppets' ... but they're not that, are they?

When you press underneath the base the dinosaur goes all wobbly ... and if you're clever ... you can make them dance by pressing in different places (someone HAS said they used to be called wonky donkeys ... but they're clearly not donkeys - are they!?!)

Anyway, they're good fun ... and you might just discover someone in the family with a hidden talent!

ONE wooden wadyamacallit supplied

Colours  and styles may vary (there's a T-rex, Triceratops and a Stegosaurus) - the herbivores have green felt neck frill and back plates)


Triceratops - light green: height 9.5cm  white wooden horns and green felt neck frill

T-rex - pea green: height 12cm  all details painted on

Stegosaurus - spring green: 10cm dark green felt plates

diameter of base of all styles: 4.5cm

Age 3+

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Dunno-wat-to-call-em-osaur - Wooden

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