Waiter, Waiter! There's a Dinosaur in my tea ... 'well, tell EVERYBODY ... they'll all want one! '

REALLY, these cups are stylish, modern AND they have an turquoise Apatosaurus inside!

They're really mug sized cups ... so they'll hold a decent sized cup of coffee or tea (even milk if that's your thing) and they really are special

Made of white porcelain with a sort of graduated turquoise colour on the outside (we're told it's 'ombre' ... whatever that means!)

Then you can surprise and delight your dinosaur fan with the little Apatosaurus lurking at the bottom

Dishwasher AND microwave safe

Supplied in an equally stylish gift box



8.5cm X 13.5cm X 10cm

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Apatosaurus Cup - Turquoise

  • £9.99