Everyone needs a reuseable drinking straw now that the day of plastic is well and truly over!

Our great green silicone straw is 21cm long with an ergonomic bend (as all good straws should have) ... it won't go soggy no matter how long you dawdle over your drink and, if you remember to take it with you, it will last for ages! 

Not only do you get a straw, you get a mini cleaning brush (no point having a reuseable straw unless you can keep it scrupulously clean) a wiping cloth and a groovy zip up DINOSAUR travel case for when you're out and about

Buy one now to ensure that your straw is the one in a CASE and not in a whale, dolphin or turtle

Kit contains: Silicone Straw, cleaning brush, cloth and a zip up travel case

Here are some benefits to silicone straws:

  •  dishwasher safe
  •  they last a very long time
  •  recyclable
  •  ideal for children as they are soft

We are not saying silicone is a perfect 'green' product but it falls into the 'use it again and again' economy of reuse and, when its time is up, it can be recycled

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Reuseable Silicone Eco Straw in Dino Travel Case

  • Product Code: SF0920
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  • £6.99

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