• Raptor Hatchling

If you have a desk, or an empty shelf ... you need this great Raptor hatchling ornament!

Honestly ... your life is missing this baby dinosaur!

Newly hatched, this Raptor already has the beady, watchful look we are all so familiar with ... it is painstakingly crafted with lovely skin and egg shell textures and then beautifully hand painted to give a fantastically realistic finish

It makes a great talking point ... who doesn't love a feisty little raptor?

Obviously this is a decorative item and not a toy so it is not suitable for children

Height 10cm (4 inches)

Length 13cm (5 inches approx)

Width 8.5cm (3 1/2 inches approx)


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Raptor Hatchling

  • Product Code: MG7821
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  • £14.99

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