• T-Rex Skull 16cm

This is the perfect starter T-rex skull ... it is free standing so you can put it on a shelf as a decorative item (away from little hands, of course) or it can be a desk ornament for more reliable people

It is the same quality and just as realistic looking as the big skulls in the range but this T-rex skull is just a bit smaller ... and doesn't hang on the wall!

It is made of resin but the colouring and attention to detail make it a fabulous looking item and a perfect gift for your Dinosaur fan

It is not a toy so it is not suitable fo younger dinosaur fans (unless, as we said earlier, it is on a shelf or somewhere out of reach) we think your older or grown-up dino fan is going to love it!

It is very tactile and is robust enough to be handled often so would make an interesting conversation piece for a coffee table or desk.  

Height from base to tip of nose 16cm (6 1/4 inches)

Length from teeth to back of head 20cm (8 inches)

Width of base 9cm (3 3/4 inches) tapering to 2.5cm (1 inch)

Longest tooth 2.5cm (1 inch) 

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T-Rex Skull 16cm

  • £19.99

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