• Dinosaur Roar Carry Case

Children's book and TV characters come and go but Dinosaur Roar has been a favourite for more than 20 years.

This lovely set contains TWO of the most popular Dinosaurs ... Dinosaur Roar! and Dinosaur Fierce in their own suitcase style carry case

Dinosaur Roar! is the green T-rex his jaws open wide and caught in mid roar! He's a lovely plush dinosaur with a very cheeky face!

Dinosaur Fierce is the best friend of Dinosaur Roar and looks just like he does in the books, with his jaws open wide and trying his best to scare the other dinosaurs! He's a lovely plush dinosaur with a cute, fierce face!

The dinosaurs are 25cm

The colourful carry case is robust cardboard covered with dinosaurs on the outside with a plain yellow inside, it has a metal carry handle and clip closure

Case measures 22.5cm x 16cm x 8.5cm 

Age 3+

These Dinosaurs are from the original issue of Dinosaur Roar

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Dinosaur Roar Carry Case

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