Secret Santa? Stocking Filler? Or just a little extra gift because it looks soooo pretty!

This beautifully decorated Dinosaur gift packaging contains TWO pairs of womens Dinosaur Socks (well they don't HAVE to be for 'Ladies' but you have to like pastel colours and your feet have to fit size UK 4-7, EU 37-41)

Possible options:

  •  Pink Stegosaurus Sock with silver lame stripe at top
  • Grey lame/Cream Stripe sock with assorted coloured dinosaurs
  • Turquoise sock with pink toes and assorted coloured dinosaurs  

56% Cotton 40% Polyester 3% Elastane 1% Metallic Yarn

68% Cotton 29% Polyester 2% Elastane 1% Metallic Yarn

62% Cotton 35% Polyester 2% Elastane 1% Metallic Yarn

Length 15cm (6 inches)

Diameter 7.5cm (3 inches)

White & Silver Gift Box with silver tinsel ties and silver Dinosaur motifs   

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Womens Dinosaur Sock Gift

  • £6.00

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