A MODERN TWIST ON SAFETY REINS - this is the cutest way of keeping hold of your Dinosaur fan when you're out and about!

If you've got a young dinosaur fan that moves quicker than you ... or one that doesn't want to hold hands all the time ... or one that moans about the regular wrist straps .... why not try this ... they'll think they're pulling YOU along with their dinosaur's tail! 

It is worn as a back pack (the dinosaur has a small storage pouch) but you can quickly and easily clip on the tail to turn it into a safety harness when you need to keep your dinosaur fan close to you.

You use the soft plush loop at the end of the tail to hold on (like a dog lead) - so it is comfortable for you too!

* great for the walks, theme parks and shopping trips

* use as a back pack or safety harness

* includes pouch for toys

* adjustable straps

* convenient safety buckles

* safety rein with secure clip attachment

* Rein/Tail is 152cm (5ft) long

* quick and easy to put on!

* machine washable

* 100% polyester

* 18 months +

complies fully with British Standards BS EN 13210:2004

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Backpack Safety Harness

  • £14.99