We love THIS Dinosaur Shaped Bubble Wand ... not only do you get a great Dinosaur figure emerging from an egg but you can also make loads of bubbles all at the same time by simply waving the wand about (or running around the garden like a maniac leaving a trail of pretty bubbles) 

Easy to use, Just unscrew the Dinosaur top and take out the wand and wave it about

Makes a great party treat or garden toy 

Full Length 16.5cm

Egg Topper 8.5cm (width depends on animal figure 3 - 7cm)

Age 3+

Can be refilled using an easily obtained standard bubble solution

ONE bubble wand supplied at random - there are 6 styles available  (if you would like a particular type just ask and we'll do our best to send it - subject to availability)

Monocertops, Pteranodon, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, T-rex and Apatosaurus

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Dino Bubble Wand

  • £2.50

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