• Dinosaur Swim Eggs

You can have great fun with these Dino Swim Eggs IF both you AND your dinosaur fan are confident in the water!

There are 6 specially weighted eggs (which makes them stand upright on the bottom of the pool) and 6 dinosaurs which fit inside and don't mind getting wet!

There are several suggested games - all of which involve ducking under the water to retrieve the eggs (which is why you both need to be confident in the water!) and should while away many happy hours at the pool.

As these will encourage kids to go under the water it is VERY important that they are supervised carefully by an adult swimmer at all times AND that they are removed from the pool when you've finished playing (so you don't tempt someone else's kids to go in get them!)

Assorted Dinosaur figures and colours supplied.

Eggs are orange and green colours


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Dinosaur Swim Eggs

  • £7.99

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