Every Dinosaur Fan NEEDS one of these gorgeous, amazingly soft, Dinosaur Blankets!

Perfect for the garden when it's too soon to go in but it's not as warm as it was ... and as the day turns to night your snuggly Dinosaur blanket will start to gently glow all over ... with dinosaurs  

It has lovely muted colours so would make a great finishing touch when you are decorating a Dinosaur bedroom - folded neatly across the end of the bed or draped artistically across a chair

Of course it isn't just decorative ... it would be handy to wrap around your dinosaur fan when they 'conk out' during a long car/plane journey or to snuggle into when watching TV or if they are feeling ill

The blanket is lightweight fleece in a soft, fluffy grey, with very pale green and turquoise Dinosaurs and touches of white bones and footprints to give a pretty, muted colour effect

The reverse of the blanket is white fleece

Measures 127 cm x 152 cm (50 x 60 inches)

100% Polyester

Machine washable and can be tumble dried (but as you know, polyester fleece dries very quickly  without the use of a tumble dryer)

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Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Fleece Blanket

  • £12.99

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