Doesn't EVERYONE love bubbles? 

You have GOT to have one of these for the garden! 

This cute bubble blower is in the shape of a T-rex ... when you've loaded the blower with bubble liquid just squeeze the trigger ... and you'll leave a trail of pretty bubbles OR if you squeeze slowly, you can make ginormous bubbles  

Best of all THIS bubble blower doesn't need batteries to use ... it's ready to go as soon as you've opened the package and of course, you don't have to worry about it getting wet when you're in the garden ... it won't mind at all! Doesn't that make it a perfect garden toy? 

Height 13cm

Length 15cm

Width 4.5cm (at widest point) 

Bottle of Bubble liquid included 

Age 3+

Choose BLUE or ORANGE bubble blower

Note: Some of us took a few goes to get trails of bubbles, others of us could do it straight away 

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Dinosaur Bubble Blower Gun

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