• Dino Explorer Inflatable Mattress

Everyone knows that there are only TWO problems with camping ... a hard, bumpy floor and Earwigs (NO, rain actually ADDS to the fun!)

Well ... we can't do anything about the Earwigs ... but the bumpy floor won't bother you with this great kid's size inflatable mattress

It is designed for real camping but you can use it at home for sleepovers and for 'indoor camping' although you'll need to put an old towel or some plastic underneath to prevent any possible transfer of colour to flooring (obviously this is not a problem if it's on grass or ground sheet!)

Top side is green with the dinosaur pattern and the underside is black

Material: Plastic

153cm x 66cm x 16cm (60 inches x 26 inches x 6 1/2 inches)

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Dino Explorer Inflatable Mattress

  • £12.99

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