• Cupcake Stand - 23 Cupcakes

Just what you need for your dinosaur party or birthday tea - if you've got lots of guests!

The spiral metal holders are angled to show off your beautiful creations to perfection and the silver colour makes it suitable for people of all ages!

You can use it to hold and display your cupcakes (because you KNOW how they all stick together and get messy when they're on a plate!) OR as a alternative birthday cake ... that way you can just pop the individual cakes into goody bags and save all the palaver of dividing up a cake, wrapping it in napkins and filling goody bags while the children are rioting elsewhere!

The bottom layer holds 10 cakes, the second layer holds 8, the third layer holds 4 and there is room for one cake on the top

Supplied in five pieces - you simply screw the three pieces into the two dividing posts - load up your cakes then make yourself a cup of coffee and admire your hard work (maybe even treat yourself to a 'didn't quite make it' one)!

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Cupcake Stand - 23 Cupcakes

  • £9.99