About Us

Here at Shop 4 Dinosaurs** we live, eat and breathe Dinosaurs (in fact, some of us have even been CALLED Dinosaurs!)

We began training as Dinosaur Hunters when trying to find new or unusual dinos for our mini dinomaniacs ... way back in the Cretaceous Period! Unlike you, we didn't have much luck - it was the same old stuff everywhere.

Well ... things are different now - and our aim is to supply everything a dinosauraholic could need! Each week we spend many hours Dinosaur hunting (which you can probably tell by the stream of new and interesting lines being added to the site).

We hope you notice how selective we are in the lines we DO stock - we are very proud of the wide range and high quality of our products.

Should you require any further information relating to the products or if your favourite dinosaur is not listed on the site, please contact us at info@shop4dinosaurs.co.uk and we will do our very best to help you.

If you would prefer to contact us using those prehistoric pen and paper things then you can write to us at:

Dinosaur Den Ltd
11 Staple Inn

Or you can telephone us on: 01923 233247

** Shop 4 Dinosaurs is the trading name of Dinosaur Den Ltd.

The online shop for dinosaur gifts and dinosaur toys!