• Dinosaur Selfie Photo Props

Here are the latest things for your selfies ... photo props!

If you think they're just silly ... you're ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ... but that is the whole point!

They're easy to use, you simply select your prop ... strike your pose and wait for the click of the camera!

The pack contains 6 cardboard props:

  • Dinosaur Horns
  • Dinosaur Face Mask
  • Gaping Dinosaur Jaws
  • Sleepy Dinosaur Eyes
  • Explorers Hat
  • Dinosaur Eye Mask

The wooden sticks can be attached where required with the adhesive patches supplied and, for some strange reason, they leave the eye mask needing the eye holes to be cut out

Great fun for a party or any occasion where you're expecting to snap lots of crazy pictures!

Age 5+

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Dinosaur Selfie Photo Props

  • £2.75