• T-rex Wine Guzzler 23cm

This is the perfect solution for those really tricky people you have to buy gifts for (we're talking grown-ups here)!

You know ... the ones that have everything and a bottle of wine, bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates doesn't quite do it

This chubby looking T-rex (it's probably the drink ... very calorific, you know!) will hold most bottles of wine and look like he's guzzling it ... cute, cute, cute!

He's quite a weighty resin figure with lovely details, which makes a great display item, prop for your spare wine bottles ... or just an ornament

Length 23cm (9 inches)

Height 17cm (6 3/4 inches)

Width 13cm (5 inches)

* Wine bottle NOT included

p.s. we have displayed these at shows with light-up bottles in them ... which makes a great lighting feature

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T-rex Wine Guzzler 23cm

  • £16.99

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