These nice, chunky plastic mugs are made of that soft plastic which is very slightly flexible but not brittle and have a stunning 3D design featuring an amazing T-rex group in the shadow of an ominous looking volcano

They are covered all round with amazing Dinosaurs and Pterasaurs - the design is part of the cup so it will not peel off

Perfect for everyday drinks, as the garden or picnic cup and of course they would be great at a birthday party - we think they could also be used in place of a loot bag to make a more lasting and (let's be honest!) useful party favour - pop in a few sweets (maybe a dinosaur or two if you're feeling generous) and .... job done!

You could just have one (as long as you don't mind children fighting over it!) and use it as a picnic cup for 'out and about' ... or just for garden use!

NOT dishwasher safe

9.5cm (just under 4 inches) tall

7.5cm (3 inches) diameter across the top (7cm across the base)

Holds approx 437mls (however, it's a very brave person who fills an excited kid's cup with that much drink!!)

ONE plastic cup supplied (unless you order more ... of course!)

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Dinosaur Smiles 3D Plastic Mug

  • £2.99

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