• Dinosaur Christmas Gift Wrap Roll 10m

Who'd have thought .... a BIG roll of DINOSAUR CHRISTMAS GIFT WRAP! 

It's 70cm wide (27 1/2 inches) and a massive 10 metres long (that's ... ummm ... errr ... WAY longer than our tape measure) so it should wrap up most things ... if not EVERYTHING

Really, this is not one of those rolls where you have to cut and patch ... unless you have a HUGE gift ... it's well over 30 feet long

The pattern is lots of Dinosaurs wearing Christmas hats and carrying Christmas trees or presents, the background is pale blue with spotty snow and Christmas wishes

The bad news is, that we didn't have a big delivery and when they're gone, they're gone ... so snap one up quickly if you would like one!

PLEASE NOTE: depending on the other items in your order, this item may need to be despatched by courier which may add 24-48 hours to the delivery time of your order

If you would like your order to reach you as soon as possible we would suggest ordering single sheets of gift wrap instead (we do have some very nice ones including double size!)

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Dinosaur Christmas Gift Wrap Roll 10m

  • £3.50