• Xmas Eve Dinosaur Gift Set

As we are all now aware the new Christmas tradition is to give your Christmas Eve guests a 'Xmas Eve' gift to get them in the mood for 'the big day'

We have our very own EXCLUSIVE Xmas Eve bundle … especially for your Dinosaur Fan and beautifully presented as you would expect from a Shop4Dinosaurs Exclusive Gift  

Snuggle under the gloriously soft red Dinosaur Christmas blanket (yes … it really is covered in festive Dinosaurs!), listen to your favourite grown-up read from the Christmas classic 'Twas the night before Christmas' .. or read it for yourself!

Flip the sequins on your new red (or black, depending on which side you end up with) T-rex … he's very cute and also VERY festive PLUS flipping sequins is definitely a crowd pleaser (trust us … you'll see!)

Or scoff the chocolate beans from your giant sweet filled candy cane … complete with a T-rex figure (which is easily detached after the sweets are gone!)

…. and all finished off with a green big bow!

If you're wondering why it's not in a box ... we chose not to add any additional packaging and let the product speak for itself!  

  •  Red Plush Christmas Dinosaur Throw 130cm x 150cm
  •  13cm Red/Black Sequin covered T-rex Toy
  • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Paperback Book 28cm x 24.5cm
  •  Giant Candy Cane filled with Chocolate Beans with a T-rex figure

Age 3+


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Xmas Eve Dinosaur Gift Set

  • £19.99