If you're going to add a Dinosaur tooth to your fossil collection where better to start than with a tooth from a Dinosaur who's very name means jagged (or sharp) toothed lizard?

Carcharadontosaurus were huge carnivores (very much like Giganotosaurus) with massive jaws and teeth up to 20cm long which rampaged over Africa during the cretaceous period ... bigger and scarier than T-rex

We've got to admit that THESE teeth are NOT huge ones ... but then you won't have to empty your piggy bank completely to own one! 

Each tooth is supplied in a plastic display box which is easily opened so you can enjoy handling your fossil (one of the main pleasures of owning a fossil)

You can feel the sharp serration when you run your finger along the edge of the tooth - even on these smaller sized ones

Cretaceous Period 110 M years old

FOSSIL A - 24mm long x 10mm wide

light terracotta colour, rough surface

FOSSIL B - 21mm long x 10mm wide

pale sandy colour with pale tip

FOSSIL C - 20mm long x 10mm

brown colour

FOSSIL D - 20mm long x 9mm

sandy colour, slightly rough surface, curved

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Dinosaur Tooth - Carcharodontosaurus

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