• First Dinosaur Picture Atlas

Author: David Burnie

This is a lovely book!

There are colourful maps of the continents showing where different dinosaurs lived along with close-up views of them in their habitats.

You can have lots of fun learning geography ... find where your favourite relatives live on the map and then see which dinosaurs would have lived there.

Whether it's cousin Billy Bob in Wyoming, Grandpa Lee in China, Uncle Raj in India, Nanny Sheila in Australia or Auntie Molly in London (Hi, Auntie Molly!) there is bound to be a dinosaur nearby (except Italy, Chile and Ireland seem sadly lacking in dinosaurs!)

The book has an index and helpful glossary

There's a big T-rex shaped bookmark and a large glossy poster of the world (showing the continents and the dinosaurs you have been reading about) which you can remove and stick up on your wall.

Removing the poster does not damage the book.

Poster 69cm x 60cm

T-rex bookmark 195mm 310mm x 240mm

Hardback 48 pages

Age 4 - 8 years

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First Dinosaur Picture Atlas

  • £9.99