• Dinosaur Astro Torch

We love the idea of looking up at a starry sky and seeing dinosaur constellations (let's be honest how many of us can actually make out the real constellations in the sky ... have YOU ever been able to see ANYTHING that looks remotely like a lion, bear, fish or hunter???)

With this mini projector/torch you can lie in bed, or on the sofa or the floor (but only if you HAVE to and we don't recommend this at all if your knees or hips are starting to go!) 

The body of the torch is green and decorated all-round with assorted dinosaurs with a regular sliding on/off switch (which glows in the dark)

There are two separate domes to fit over the torch so there are two different night skys to view

The sky domes are interchanged with a simple twist and pull movement

The top rim of the torch is glow-in-the-dark so you can easily locate it after 'lights-out'

Can also be used as a regular torch ... so what's not to like?

Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)

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Dinosaur Astro Torch

  • £5.99

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