• Dinosaur Bubble Blower

Awww ... how cute!

This battery operated bubble blowing dinosaur will be great fun in the garden ... he's easy to operate - just squeeze the trigger on the handle and he opens his mouth and blows a L-O-N-G stream of beautiful bubbles! He might be just the thing if you're going to a summer wedding ... you can entertain your Dinosaur fan (weddings are usually VERY boring for kids - all that standing around!) and delight the wedding guests too - who doesn't think bubbles are pretty and romantic?

Anyway,  he's a cute dinosaur figure in green and yellow with a see-through tummy so you can see when you're running low on ammo (sorry, bubble fluid!) so you know when to refill!

He is supplied with a bottle of bubble fluid (8 fl oz/225ml) with a narrow top so it is easy to pour and less likely to spill.  You don't need any special bubble fluid - so when you've used up this bottle you can just use any one available.

2 x AA batteries required (not supplied)

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Dinosaur Bubble Blower

  • £9.99

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