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Dinosaur Clothing

At shop4dinosaurs we have a great range of dinosaur clothes. This includes t-shirts, slippers, shoes, caps, sleepsuits, raincoats, jumpers, sleepsuits and so on. In fact we seem to sell most dinosaur clothing that is available.

We thought we’d draw your attention to some of our current favourite dinosaur clothing available on our website.

Dinosaur Clothing - Girls Dinosaur PJ'sPink Dinosaur Pyjamas

These are all in one girls dinosaur pyjama.These are lovely, long sleeved, T-shirt type GIRLY pyjamas … and ABSOLUTELY COVERED with pastel coloured dinosaurs!

The long sleeved, T-shirt style top is PINK with a contrasting light PINK neck and cuffs.The full length bottoms are the same PINK with dinosaurs all over and have an elasticated waist – the legs are finished with light pink coloured cuffs.

Dinosaur Rain Coat
Dinosaur Rain Coat

The ‘must-have’ raincoat for a dinosaur fan, has SO MANY luxury details.This unisex coat from the Kidorable rainwear range has a base colour of olive green with contrasting cheerful orange piping.There is an ‘all round design’ – on the back is a pterosaur in flight and the appealing applique dinosaurs on the front cover two handy, concealed pockets.


Dinosaur Collage T-ShirtDinosaur T-Shirt

Children love this T-shirt … it’s a great ‘camoflague type’ green and it has lots of serious looking carnivores on the front!These T-shirts are perfect for kids & 100% cotton and, unlike most decorated T-shirts, you can tumble dry them AND just iron STRAIGHT OVER THE TOP of the picture!

These great T-shirts are hand dyed using ONLY environmentally friendly water-based inks and dyes AND are ‘OEKO-TEX 100% CERTIFIED’ which means they are tested as free of chemicals harmful to the body.