Finding the perfect dinosaur teddy for your collection

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Dinosaurs are on the favourite list of kids this year as Jurassic World, the movie, is on the top list of 2015 movies and luckily here ay Shop4Dinosaurs we have a wide selection for you to choose from. Here are three such dinosaur teddies which are available from our website.

Kids all around the world have this special thing for the dinosaurs. as it is so cool when you realize that how these huge reptile creatures owned the world way before our time. Why not help your child add to their toy collections of dinosaur teddies, dinosaur robots and other dinosaur toys.

Let us provide you all with a helping hand to find you guys the best dinosaur teddy for your child’s dinosaur teddy collection this Christmas!

Baryonyx – NHM Pose-able Cuddly Dinosaur Teddy


Barry can be the perfect dinosaur teddy for your child as it is cuddly and pose-able at the same time, which is quite unique. It is a very ferocious looking dino but he’s cuddly and plush, not in a squishy beanie kind of manner but in a stuffed toy kind of manner.

Barry is a crocodile kind of toy having open jaws giving a very sleek brownish touch. It is completely suitable for all the kids above four in age and costs only £12.99.


T-Rex – NHM Pose-able Cuddly Dinosaur Teddy

terryTucker the T-Rex is our most loved dino. It’s cuddly and not so scary dinosaur for a collection. It is pose-able as well.

You also get some really cool clicks in the joints of these cuddly toys, they literally sound like popping bubble wrap when it comes to making them pose.

The age limit for this dinosaur is above four, and it costs only £12.99.


Tyson The T-Rex


Tyson is a real looking dinosaur teddy.

He has a very rough and scaly look but he is smooth and that’s the magic of this fabric. Brownish in color with lots of more brown tones along with the really scary appearance yet plush and fluffy; Tyson is a beast! It is about 30 cm high and 30 cm long appropriate for the children of age above three. It costs only £17.99.

This Christmas, why not include these dinosaurs in your kid’s collection of their favorite Jurassic World’s dinosaurs so that they can play with them whenever they want to and hug them tight and keep their dinos with them all the time. These fluffy and plush dinosaurs will prove to be the best-est buddy of your kids, we guarantee! So make your decision and choose wisely. Make your kid happy this Christmas!

Shop4dinosaurs is the place to get your dinosaur teddy.