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Dinosaur Party Supplies

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At Shop4dinosaurs we love a good party and know that you do to. Our range of dinosaur partyware and party supplies are perfect for creating the best dinosaur party for your loved ones. Create your own special party by mix and matching from our selection of dinosaur party plates, tablecover, cups and treats. We also have a great range of small dinosaur toys at great prices so you can put together a party bag for your guests for them to take away with them, we also sell party bags so…read more


Dinosaur Gift Ideas

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Welcome to the Shop4inosaurs Blog where we discuss all things dinosaur! As someone who is keen on dinosaurs yourself you may be aware that we offer a fantastic range of dinosaur gift ideas on our website and this month we are going to highlight some of the great toys and items we have available that would be a great dinosaur gift idea for you to buy for your family member or friend. Latest Dinosaur Gifts The Good Dinosaur Lunch Bag£9.75 Jurassic World 2016 Wall Calendar£8.99 Glow-in-the-Dark T-rex T-Shirt – KIDS…read more


Dinosaur Gifts for Adults in our Sale

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Our January sale is underway and we have a great selection of dinosaur gifts for adults and dinosaur toys for kids available at great prices in our sale. Some of our recent website visitors have mentioned that it’s great we have so many Dinosaur gifts for adults available on our website, so we thought we’d bring it to your attention in our latest Blog post. Of course with the kids going back to School some of our other dinosaur sale items might be of interest, such as our  Dinosaur Backpacks…read more


New from around our site : Dinosaur Clothing

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Dinosaur Clothing At shop4dinosaurs we have a great range of dinosaur clothes. This includes t-shirts, slippers, shoes, caps, sleepsuits, raincoats, jumpers, sleepsuits and so on. In fact we seem to sell most dinosaur clothing that is available. We thought we’d draw your attention to some of our current favourite dinosaur clothing available on our website. Pink Dinosaur Pyjamas These are all in one girls dinosaur pyjama.These are lovely, long sleeved, T-shirt type GIRLY pyjamas … and ABSOLUTELY COVERED with pastel coloured dinosaurs! The long sleeved, T-shirt style top is PINK…read more

Finding the perfect dinosaur teddy for your collection

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Dinosaurs are on the favourite list of kids this year as Jurassic World, the movie, is on the top list of 2015 movies and luckily here ay Shop4Dinosaurs we have a wide selection for you to choose from. Here are three such dinosaur teddies which are available from our website. Kids all around the world have this special thing for the dinosaurs. as it is so cool when you realize that how these huge reptile creatures owned the world way before our time. Why not help your child add to…read more